Raw duck for cats

Size: Format: 5 lb / 20 médaillons


Serve Raw

Our duck recipe is a feast for felines. Just read the ingredient list to your furry friend and you’ll hear him purr happily.

Meat & Organ Meat


Fruits & Vegetables




Chicken, Finely ground chicken bone, Chicken neck, Cranberry, Chicken liver, Chicken heart, Apple cider vinegar, Flaxseed, Yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae culture, Brewer’s yeast, Sunflower oil, Red beet, Cod liver oil, Organic kelp, Sea salt, Choline chloride (B complex vitamin), Probiotics (Bacilli and Lactobacilli sp.), Vitamin E supplement, Taurine, Zinc proteinate, Iron proteinate, Copper proteinate, Manganese proteinate, Vitamin B12 supplement, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Biotin, Folic acid, Vitamin A supplement.

Calories: 150 calories

Protein: min. 15%

Crude Fat: min. 8%

Crude Fiber: max. 0.4%

Moisture: 72%

Formulated to meet the AAFCO and NRC dog and cat food nutrients profiles for growing kittens and for adult cats.

Skip 1 or 2 meals to allow your pet’s digestive system to rid itself of their previous diet (skip this step with puppies).

Add 1⁄2 cup of hot water to the medallions for the first 4 to 5 days.

Transition complete! Stop adding water and serve raw.

Suggested daily portion based on your pet’s weight.

1 medallion = 114g (1,4lb)

Pet’s Weight

Daily Weight

2.3 kg
5 lb


4.5 kg
10 lb


9.1 kg
20 lb


13.6 kg
30 lb


18.1 kg
40 lb


27.2 kg
60 lb


36.3 kg
80 lb


100 lb


Attention: Feeding guidelines are intended as a recommendation. Adapt your pet’s daily portion size based on their age and level of physical activity.

Thaw in the fridge. Once thawed, a portion can stay in the fridge for up to 3 days. Clean all surfaces and bowls that may have been in contact with raw food. Wash your hands after handling the medallions.

Do not leave raw medallions at room temperature for more than 15 minutes. Clean all contacted surfaces and wash your hands after handling.

A proudly Canadian company

We've also made it our mission to support local businesses. At the raw kitchen, we source from farms located near our production plant in Bromont, Quebec.

Ready-to-serve medallions

Forget measuring cups and scales –– our medallions are pre-portioned to make your life easier. Just remove a portion from the freezer and allow it to thaw overnight in the fridge before serving.

Lip-smacking good… and nutritious too

Because we understand the importance of life-stage feeding, our medallions are made to accommodate both growing animals and our senior friends too. Each flavour is specially formulated to fulfill your pet’s nutritional needs at every age.

Human grade ingredients

Our food is crafted with the same quality ingredients that we'd feed our own families, so you can trust it to nourish your furry family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you explore the Natural Raw Feeding section of our website. There, you can discover the benefits that a natural diet can provide for your pet.

Yes. However, we recommend not mixing raw food and kibble during the same meal because they have different digestion times, which may cause digestive problems. It’s better to feed raw food in the morning and kibble at night.

Starting your dog on a raw diet as early as 8 weeks is ideal in order to provide them with all the benefits.

If you store our medallions in an airtight container after thawing, they can last for up to three days in the refrigerator.

Fresh, human grade ingredients

Every ingredient that goes into our recipes is sourced from local farms in Bromont, Quebec –– where we’re based.

Plus, to preserve the nutritional value and nutrients in our food, our ingredients are unprocessed or minimally processed.

Our manufacturing process

Crafting delicious and nutritious meals from carefully chosen, fresh ingredients.

Transform the recipe into medallions to make it easy-to-handle at home.

Every medallion is meticulously inspected before being placed in its packaging.

It’s important for humans and our animals

Just like humans, companion animals thrive on food that’s healthy, minimally processed and adapted to their specific needs.

That’s why our recipes are formulated to mimic the way they would eat in the wild.

From our kitchen to your companion's bowl!

Our factory manufacturing process is meticulous and exceeds industry standards. We carefully prepare complete and balanced meals in our kitchens, adhering to strict Canadian food processing standards. The dishes are portioned as individual servings and ready to serve to make your daily routine easier.

On our way to the grocery store, we always maintain the cold chain to ensure the food safety of our products.

At home, place the medallions in your freezer to maintain their freshness.