High quality raw dog and cat food

Caring for your pet is the best way to show unconditional love –– and it starts with what you put in their bowl. 

What’s raw food for animals?

It’s a healthy, biologically appropriate way to nourish your pets. And the best part is, dogs and cats go crazy for the taste. 

As best friend and guardian to your companion animal, you have the power (and privilege) to choose the kind of food they eat. When you choose raw food, you’re choosing the ultimate premium diet.

The strengths of The Raw Kitchen raw food for dogs and cats

Find out how The Raw Kitchen’s raw food recipes for dogs and cats are good for your pet!

A proudly Canadian company

Supporting local businesses is one of our main goals. At The Raw Kitchen, we prioritize sourcing ingredients from farms that are located near our production plant.

Ready-to-serve medallions

Forget measuring cups and scales –– our medallions are pre-portioned to make your life easier. Just remove a portion from the freezer and allow it to thaw overnight in the fridge before serving.

Lip-smacking good… and nutritious too

Because we understand the importance of life-stage feeding, our medallions are made to accommodate both growing animals and our senior friends too. Each flavor is specially formulated to fulfill your pet’s nutritional needs at every age.

Human grade ingredients

Our medallions are made from the highest quality ingredients. Having human-grade food ensures that you're providing your pet with the same quality products found in grocery stores. That's why our recipes meet strict safety and quality standards for human consumption. Learn more about what makes The Raw Kitchen so great.

IGA trusts us!

All The Raw Kitchen products are distributed through IGA, our trusted partner who values the quality of our recipes for dogs and cats.

Convenient for you, yummy for them

Pre-portioned (so there’s no measuring or weighing)

The ingredients used are mostly sourced from local suppliers.

Complete & balanced for every life stage

No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors

Pioneers of raw food in Canada!

Canada’s pet supply industry has taken a significant step forward with the introduction of The Raw Kitchen, one of the country’s first raw pet food brands to be available at grocery stores.

High quality dog food with variety!

The Raw Kitchen offers a wide range of recipes for dogs, to satisfy the tastes of all furry creatures! Our raw food recipes based on high-quality raw meat are both healthy and dietetic for your pet.


In fact, we combine the nutritional qualities of raw meat with healthy, gourmet foods such as squash, green vegetables and fresh herbs. Our raw duck and berries recipe for dogs combines high-quality raw duck meat with the goodness of berries.

It’s through these recipes that The Raw Kitchen positions itself as a high quality choice for your dog’s diet. Fresh, healthy food to keep your dog healthy and provide a gourmet diet! Your dog will never tire of our recipes, which are as varied as they are perfect for his diet.

But also natural raw cat food

In addition to our high quality dog food, The Raw Kitchen also offers natural raw cat food. And yes, dogs aren’t the only ones who can benefit from raw food. Raw food fits perfectly into the diet of cats, who are also fond of raw food.


The Raw Kitchen offers a wide range of raw food for cats. From the nutritional strength of raw beef for cats to the refinement of raw duck for cats, our recipes are sure to satisfy even the greediest felines!

Order our natural cat food now and make the switch to natural nutrition for your cat!

The benefits of raw food for dogs and cats

Raw food for dogs and cats offers definite health and nutritional benefits.

Cats and dogs are carnivores. As such, their teeth and digestive systems are designed to consume fresh, natural meat. Breath, digestion, immunity, coat: the benefits of raw food for cats and dogs are numerous. Switching your pet to a raw diet is an excellent choice for its health and well-being.

Last but not least, all The Raw Kitchen recipes are cooked in Canada and pre-portioned to meet your pet’s nutritional needs, especially according to weight. Tasty and nutritious, our recipes for dogs and cats are made from the highest quality ingredients, similar to human food.

Change your dog and cat’s diet to raw food now!

If you’re looking for a new, high-quality, gourmet nutritional diet for your dog or cat, The Raw Kitchen is the best choice for raw food in Quebec. Let our wide variety of recipes seduce you!

You can shop for our products directly online at Voilà.ca, or in one of our partner grocery stores. Find out now which grocery stores carry The Raw Kitchen near you!

If you have any questions about our high quality dog and cat food, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit our FAQ page to learn all about our recipes and their benefits, or to find out more about The Raw Kitchen!

Enjoy our recipes!

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