Raw dog and cat food benefits

Dogs and cats were born to eat fresh meat. In fact, a diet of raw meat, bones and offals is close to what your pet would consume in the wild.

Evolution and physiology

The Raw Kitchen is a modern version of food for dogs and cats if they lived in their natural habitat. We’ve taken into account your pet’s evolution and physiology to deliver natural food that respects both their instincts and nutritional needs. Our recipes are not only delicious but also promote the health and wellbeing of our beloved pets. A happy pet means a happy human.

A proudly Canadian company

Supporting local businesses is one of our main goals. At The Raw Kitchen, we prioritize sourcing ingredients from farms that are located near our production plant.

Ready-to-serve medallions

Forget measuring cups and scales –– our medallions are pre-portioned to make your life easier. Just remove a portion from the freezer and allow it to thaw overnight in the fridge before serving.

Lip-smacking good… and nutritious too

Because we understand the importance of life-stage feeding, our medallions are made to accommodate both growing animals as well as our senior friends. Each flavor is specially formulated to fulfill your pet’s nutritional needs at every age.

Human grade ingredients

Our food is crafted with the same quality ingredients that we'd feed our own families, so you can trust it to nourish your furry family members.


Bad breath? Ew! Our medallions are known to help freshen the mouths of felines and canines alike. Give it a try –– you’ll see (and smell) the difference. 


The natural enzymes in raw food make it easier to digest and absorb. Additionally, avoiding processing of meat further enhances its digestibility.


Our recipes are packed with fatty acids and nutrients to help boost your bestie’s immune system. A healthy immune system is key to fighting off viruses, bacteria and parasites. Talk about paws-itivity.


Feeding your pet a diet that is high in essential fatty acids can lead to improved skin health, a shiny coat, and better management of hair loss. Your pet will feel and look great!


Our protein-rich medallions make weight management and muscle health easier to achieve for your animal.


Healthier gums, fresher breath and whiter teeth. 


Better nutritional absorption means you can expect firmer, smaller and less stinky poops from your pet.


Got the pickiest dog ever? Does your cat turn up her nose at everything? Try The Raw Kitchen medallions and you’ll never have mealtime issues again. After all, a pet’s tail never lies.

Honest answers to all your questions

During the initial week of transitioning your dog to a raw diet, it is possible that they may have loose stools or diarrhea as their digestive system is still adjusting to the new diet.

We suggest washing any utensils, cutting boards, or dishes that may have been in contact with the raw food with hot soapy water, just like you would when preparing your own meat. Additionally, remember to also wash your hands thoroughly.

We recommend that you explore the Natural Raw Feeding section of our website. There, you can discover the benefits that a natural diet can provide for your pet.

Our medallions are designed to meet all the nutritional needs of your dog at every life stage. They are complete and balanced, providing additional nutrients for optimal health.