About our fresh dog and cat meat

We’ve found that serving fresh food is key to the well-being of our animals.

Our promise

At The Raw Kitchen, we provide recipes that are both complete and balanced, featuring high-quality ingredients that cater to the nutritional requirements of all kinds of pets. Whether you have a puppy or kitten, a healthy adult dog or cat, or an older four-legged friend, we’ve got you covered. Our medallions are also convenient, as they’re ready to serve after defrosting, making your life easier.

Our story

The Raw Kitchen was born out of a specific need. In 2006, our founder Sarah, was struggling to get her foster dog to eat and, consequently, his health was declining. As luck would have it, while travelling in Western Canada, she met a butcher who prepared small meatballs for dogs using leftover meat from his shop. Sarah began feeding these amazing meatballs to her dog and, after just a couple of short months, she noticed a considerable difference in her dog’s overall health. Upon her return to Quebec, it quickly became clear that there wasn’t anything similar on the market. That’s when a simple necessity transformed into a business opportunity and passion project.  

Working first as a dog behavior coach, Sarah began preparing small batches of raw food for her clients. Each client saw a noticeable improvement in their pet’s overall health, which gave the fledgling entrepreneur enough encouragement to launch her own business. For several months, Sarah worked day and night to deliver a scrumptious raw food alternative to people in her community. In 2023, her efforts paid off: The Raw Kitchen made history by becoming one of the earliest raw pet food brands to be available in Canadian grocery stores.

Zero compromise on quality

We don’t meet the quality-control standards set by the Quebec Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. We surpass them. Over and over again. At every stage of production. Our production plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a modern refrigeration system designed to control the temperature of our medallions. 


Plus, our temperature control system helps ensure an uninterrupted cold chain for food safety –– from reception of raw ingredients to delivery of the final product. 

Our guarantee

Delicious and balanced recipes formulated for all stages of life

Fresh, unprocessed ingredients with zero preservatives

Premium natural food approved for human consumption

Medallion format that’s ready to serve and easy to use

Honest answers to all your questions

During the initial week of transitioning your dog to a raw diet, it is possible that they may have loose stools or diarrhea as their digestive system is still adjusting to the new diet.

We suggest washing any utensils, cutting boards, or dishes that may have been in contact with the raw food with hot soapy water, just like you would when preparing your own meat. Additionally, remember to also wash your hands thoroughly.

We recommend that you explore the Natural Raw Feeding section of our website. There, you can discover the benefits that a natural diet can provide for your pet.

Our medallions are designed to meet all the nutritional needs of your dog at every life stage. They are complete and balanced, providing additional nutrients for optimal health.